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Why Not a Cold Air Intake?

Posted on July 13, 2022 by Rudy Loendorf

Squeezing more power from your engine isn't as difficult or as expensive an activity as it might seem. Performance chips, performance exhausts, and sport air filters are an easy task to install parts which will help your vehicle achieve greater horsepower and torque without sacrificing fuel economy. Furthermore, a cold air intake can go quite a distance toward helping your engine perform better without costing you a mint to set up. Let's examine why a cold air intake might just function as enhancement your vehicle could use to attain a greater degree of performance.

So, precisely how does a cold air intake work? I'm glad that you asked! A cold air intake is made to reduce the temperature of the air entering your vehicle to make best use of your engine's power. Colder, denser air acts like "food" for the engine, giving it the excess quantity of power that it requires to execute optimally.

Are there other great things about a cold air intake? Yes, namely two: a cold air intake enhances the appearance of one's vehicle's engine bay also it produces an incredible sounding "throaty" intake noise. The intake noise is what tells everyone your car isn't some ordinary stock car, instead you're creating a statement that the noise via underneath your car's hood matches the energy and performance that they can see on the road.

Depending on the maker you select, your brand-new cold air intake comes in a variety of colors including red, blue, silver, and chrome. Let's just say that the colors developed are designed to draw maximum focus on your engine bay once you pop the hood for everybody to see!

When searching for a cold air intake for the car, there are many things for you personally top remember as you narrow down your selection. The list following can assist you determine the cold air intake that's right for you personally:

  • Manufacturer - There are several companies producing cold air intakes, some are much better than others. Injen and K&N are two which are preferred by the aftermarket crowd. Search for those intakes that include a reusable air conditioning filter to find the best value.
  • Performance - Claims for outlandish increases in horsepower should serve as a red flag for you. Modest increases of 10, 15 or 20 horses are certainly reasonable according to the make and style of your automobile.
  • Guarantee - Top quality intakes carry a warranty which will likely outlast the life span of one's car. Some even give one million mile guarantees!
  • Retailers - Prices are literally everywhere. The very best prices can usually be found right online with a wholesaler like the Parts Bin. Shop only those companies who is able to provide for you online support, free shipping, a toll free number, and a clearly stated price list. Look out for off shore operators who promise low prices on parts that may not be genuine.
  • In all, a cold air intake should supply the performance edge your vehicle, truck, van, or SUV needs without removing from fuel economy. Actually, a cold air intake can in fact boost your fuel economy as your engine "learns" to work better, thus needing less fuel to perform.