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Keeping Your Car Like New

Posted on April 27, 2022 by Rudy Loendorf

Here are some strategies for extending the life span of one's car and for keeping that new-car-look:

  • Never wipe a dry windshield or car paint. Quartz grains in the dirt can scratch the glass or paint. Work with a wetted cloth or even better, a chamois.
  • Replace the water/glycol mix in your radiator with pure distilled water and anti freeze. Dissolved minerals in the plain tap water eventually create acid which will eat away at your radiator core prematurely.
  • Treat your windshield with Rain-X. It's not only simpler to see in rainy weather, but bugs, dirt, and bird excrement come off easily.
  • Always fill your vehicle's gas tank to the very best. The area above the gas level contains water from the air and using climate freezes in the gas line. Only isopropyl alcohol will take it off.
  • Wash the engine compartment with a degreaser twice per year. Dirt build-up prevents the dissipation of heat. Too much temperatures in the engine compartment shortens the life span of rubber, seals, valves, and may result in a fire.
  • Always park in the shade when possible and work with a sun shade for the dash. The walk can do you good and the plastic dash board will remain cool and resist cracking.
  • Don't warm-up the automobile in winter or cool it down on hot days. Do your bit to save lots of gas. That is why they invented hats and gloves.
  • Clean your spark plugs after 3000 miles of driving. After three cleanings, replace them with new ones. Dirty plugs may be the number one reason behind poor power, low mileage, and slow starting.
  • Don't eat in your vehicle. Food spillage may be the most common reason behind bad smells in an automobile plus some stains are impossible to obtain out.
  • Every time you polish your vehicle, wipe down the inside and clean the windows for that new car feeling.
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